Our products, services and solutions are needed to build and maintain homes, schools, workplaces, transport and utility services we all rely on in our daily lives. It is important we meet this demand in a responsible way, by helping to tackle climate change, using resources efficiently and making a positive contribution through the stewardship of our sites.


We are making progress right across our business and supply chain, using a whole life-cycle approach to design CO2 out of our products and services. This includes working with suppliers to reduce CO2 from the goods and services we buy, cutting CO2 from our operations and transport, innovating lower CO2 products, services and solutions that reduce CO2 from the construction process or during the use of infrastructure and buildings.

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Protecting the environment is central to our operations. We work hard to minimise the impacts of quarrying and manufacturing activities at our sites and to carefully manage biodiversity and archaeological heritage, present, taking opportunities to provide a net positive enhancement.

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Designing out waste at every stage of the product life cycle and developing products with greater durability, performance and longevity, helps to support a circular economy, reduces the demand for natural resources and ensures we supply essential materials to our customers on a sustainable basis. 

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CO2 reduction per tonne of product since 1990

200,000 trees 

planted over the last 5 years 

7 million tonnes

recycled and secondary materials from other industries used